Tuesday, 24 May 2011



This website is freaking awesome, I've used it for years now and I've been payed out many, many times. Complete offers to earn points towards ANYTHING YOU WANT! You can order stuff from amazon.com, and pretty much any gift card to any store you want!
If you're a gamer like me, you can use points to redeem cards towards your game, like NX for Maplestory, memberships for Runescape and WoW, and GAMES for STEAM!!!
Follow the tips listed below if you have any trouble getting points.


1. If you need help on doing offers, do the free offers
2. Use roboform to help you complete offers/surveys faster by downloading roboform
3. Make a new email for spam for the offers
4. Use different emails, since if you keep using the same email they already think you've done the offer so use different and valid emails every couple of offers
5. Clear your cookies everytime you do an offer and make your browser accept cookies
6. To get fast points, do the email offers like arcamax ones, you just type in your email and you go to your email and confirm and you get the points within minutes
7. Refer people by giving your link to your friends, family and people at your school
If you need proof if this site works look under the testimonials
Here's a list of the offers that I've completed since I've joined prizerebel
If you do the offers I listed below you can earn yourself 27 points which is worth 300 G Coins!!!
You can click on these links to see the picture of the completed offers I've done if you don't believe if I actually did them, Completed offers 1 and Completed Offers 2


2) Points 2 Shop


Another website like PrizeRebel, it has payed me several times already. Just confirm your email to get the free starting funds! You can even get items shipped to your place!





Rewards1 is another awesome site. I won a contest on this website and got $10 for free, and I didn't have to do anything :P

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  1. http://tinypic.com/r/noiuqp/7

    Picture of proof of me getting 100k+ NX from PrizeRebel!